Divest from Sudan

What to say:

Talk to your governor about taking back your stateís dollars from foreign companies that help to fund the genocide in Darfur. Ask your governor to support targeted Sudan divestment legislation.

Why it is important:

Economic pressure is an important tool that has been effective in changing the government of Sudanís behavior. A large percentage of foreign revenue received by the government of Sudan is used to fund the genocide. By targeting this income, divestment is one of the most direct ways we can take action.

Additional information:

Divestment is directed at foreign companies operating in Sudan, most of which operate in sectors related to oil export and mineral extraction. The sale of petroleum is particularly important as it is the largest source of revenue for the government of Sudan. Over 70% of oil revenue goes toward military expenditures. States and local governments should take action to prohibit investments in specific companies that are shown to fund the genocide in Sudan.

Since the Sudan divestment movement began almost 2 years ago, more than 100 universities, cities and states are already implementing or considering targeted Sudan divestment policies.

For detailed information about divestment visit the Sudan Divestment Task Force. To see if your own personal investments warrant scrutiny check out the screening tool.