U.S. Representative

Co-Sponsor the Genocide Accountability Act

What to say:

Urge your representative to co-sponser the Genocide Accountability Act (H.R.2489).

Why it is important:

The Genocide Accountability Act would close a legal loophole that prevents the United States from prosecuting individuals who are guilty of perpetrating genocide in foreign countries. While genocide rages in Darfur, we must make it clear that the United States' is committed to holding individuals who perpetrate genocide accountable for their crimes.

Additional information:

The Justice Department has identified individuals who participated in the Rwandan and Bosnian genocides and who are living in the United States under false pretenses. Under current law, these individuals cannot be arrested or prosecuted, because they are not U.S. nationals and the genocides they perpetrated did not take place in the United States.

In contrast, the laws on torture, material support for terrorism, terrorism financing, hostage taking, and many other federal crimes allow for the United States to hold foreign nationals accountable.

To see your representative's record on Darfur-related legislation, visit www.DarfurScores.org.

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